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Since 1998, Brooke Technologies Corp. has been providing it's customers with reliable business technology solutions and Managed IT Services. (Custom Programming, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, WEB Design / SEO, Strategic Planning, Penetration Testing, Virtualization, Cloud Computing).

Our 4 step approach (ARMS) is what makes us unique.


Analyze - Recommend - Manage - Sustain

Following our four step approach gives us the ability to assess your current and possible projected states.  Our focus is to understand your processes, issues, where you excel, where improvements need to be made, and what makes your organization tick so that the solutions or changes we recommend make sense, improve productivity, reduce spend, and return value. 

Step #1 - Analyze


1.  Analyze -- Understanding your environment --  We take a look at all of your operational costs (Maintenance Contracts, Hardware / Software Subscriptions, Phone Service, Internet Service, web presence (SEO), Printing / Faxing, Support Contracts) to make sure that everything is sized right for your organization and that you're not paying for services that you don't need.  Next we inventory your organization's technology stack  (Software, Operating Systems, Servers, Workstations, PCs, Printers, Fax Machines, Firewalls, etc).   This Information Technology inventory will give you an overview as to how many devices you have, their age, configuration, licensing, utilization, hardware/software failures and security state.  Now we interview your teams to get a better idea of your processes, issues and what makes your organization tick. 

Step #2 - Recommend

Recommend2.  Recommend  -- What are your options / alternatives?  -- After we've assessed your environment we'll outline our recommendations in an easy to read Technology Road Map. We take a different approach when it comes to implementing technology by viewing a company's potential expenditures as being our own, that’s our acid test.  If we're not willing to spend our money on a technology or service why would we expect you to?   We'll be honest with you and if we believe that the use of a hand held calculator would better suit your needs we'll let you know. We are always looking for ways to simplify processes allowing you to focus more time on your products and customers.  We thoroughly research, evaluate and test all of the products that we recommend.

Step #3 - Manage the execution


3.  Manage  -- Managing the execution of a solution / process --  After you've come to the decision as to what technologies / process your business will adopt. We execute a plan to get that solution or process up and running without disruptions to your current environment.  Many of the processes that we've implemented in the past have actually saved the customer money just by renegotiating and eliminating business contracts.  We will also make you aware of those hidden auto renew clauses that many vendors hide in their contracts.  We don't want you as a customer but rather as a partner.   After we've implemented the changes and/or technologies that you've selected we train you on it's operation so that you remain in the drivers seat.   We can take the stance of being your pilot, co-pilot or passenger it's up to you.  

Step #4 - Sustain


4.  Sustain  -- Maintaining your environment --  After you've implemented your processes and business solutions in order to maintain your competitive edge you need a plan.  Just like your vehicle needs to be tuned up and maintained so do your business solutions and operations.   What many businesses forget is what to do when a curve ball comes their way and how your operations will be effected. We call that business continuity.  A well developed business continuity plan covers all of the variables that will effect your business.  Engage our vCIO Services to assist in developing your plan. 


All of our seasoned professionals have been active in information technology / manufacturing fields over 25 years. We're proud to claim that two of our engineers have been with us for the past 18 years and are also veterans. 


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